usual - usually

usual - usually
Usual is used to describe the thing that happens most often, or that is done or used most often, in a particular situation.

They are not taking the usual amount of exercise.

He sat in his usual chair.

The machine started with its usual clatter.

Usual normally comes after `the' or a possessive. You do not use it after `a'.
You can say that it is usual for a person or animal to do something.

It is usual for union representatives to meet regularly.

It was quite usual for the ponies to wander short distances.

You do not say that it is `usual that' a person or animal `does' something.
You do not use usual to say something is not of a special kind. You do not say, for example, `I haven't got any chocolate biscuits, only usual ones'. You say `I haven't got any chocolate biscuits, only ordinary ones'.

These children should be educated in an ordinary school.

It was furnished with ordinary office furniture.

You use the adverb usually when you are mentioning the thing that most often happens in a particular situation.

She usually found it easy to go to sleep at night.

He realized he was talking more freely than he usually did with strangers.

'as usual'
When something happens on a particular occasion and it is the thing that most often happens in that situation, you can say that it happens as usual.

Nino sounded a little drunk, as usual.

She wore, as usual, her black dress.

You do not say that something happens `as usually'.

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